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Your Bladder Symptoms Don't Have To Rule Your Life - What is Female Urology?

Female urology is often the term used to refer to the typical conditions/ symptoms that women may experience with regards to their bladder function. This includes recurrent urine infections (UTIs), incontinence, overactive bladder symptoms, bladder function disturbances, blood in the urine, bladder pain, cystitis etc. Although this is referred as "Female Urology", these conditions can also affect men. These conditions can affect all ages of women.

It is possible to manage these symptoms so that you can get on with the things you want to do. Urologist are specifically trained to evaluate and assess these conditions in women and are trained to provide specific treatments and advice on how to manage bladder symptoms. Another very important aspect of the urologist's job is to make sure that there is no serious underlying cause for the symptoms and to reassure patients.

Urologist are also quite used to dealing with complex cases such as bladder pain syndrome that is difficult to manage, recurrent and persistent urine or kidney infections, complex urine or kidney infections with unusual bacteria etc.

Urologist also commonly see women for common conditions that affect both men and women, including kidney stones.

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